Sal W. Hanna is an internationally published glamour, fashion, boudoir, product photographer and author. As a natural light specialist, Sal W. Hanna, has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in settings from live events to studio settings in a private Huntington Beach Photography Studio. Why settle for good photographer, when you can have a great photographer?

Sal W. Hanna is Orange County’s Best Glamor Photographer

As the best rated glam photographer in the Huntington Beach and Orange County surrounding areas, Sal offers private photo shoots with a full team of make up artists, hair stylists and even wardrobe stylists. Ranked #1 Facebook “Liked” Glamour Photographer in Orange County. #1 Top Glamour Photographer in Orange County – Thumbtack 2012, Sal W. Hanna is Orange County’s Best Glamour Photographer.As a professional media and modeling industry photographer his body of work has included photography for:Britney Spears Baby One More Time Tour (Media Photographer), City of Huntington Beach Publications, ESPY Awards, Goodyear Tire Franchises, Instaplan Healthcare, J-Network Inc. (Japan), MakeUpTalk.com, MTV, Orange County Register, Pepboys Auto, Petersons Publishing, PT Cruiser Magazine, Regal Cinema’s, Superb Magazine, Super Raw Life Magazine, and many more.  If you are seeking the best glamour, fashion, boudoir or product images, Sal W. Hanna Photography can deliver the best high quality work at affordable prices.